on the bus

Transcribed from thoughts scribbled in a notepad this morning during a bus trip from Bank and Sparks to Preston and Somerset…

Fun facts about popular music:

1. Heavy metal is the only musical genre that requires bandnames to be printed in a specific font.

2. If you play an antiquated instrument and encourage the audience to sing along, you might be a folk singer.

3. Hiphop has been dismissed as radical, inaccessible and “not music” by citizens over the age of 18… for 34 years.

4. It is nearly impossible to pick out the weak link in a free-jazz combo.

5. Classical music is the true alternative music. Certainly, no genre has spent more time outside the mainstream.

That is all for now. It was a relatively short bus trip, after all.


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2 responses to “on the bus

  1. Well, I was on the 2. So I probably should have been listening to Blur.


  2. KJ

    I hope you were listening to Janice Hall’s “the 95” while on this trip!


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