I’ve been writing about music, the arts and bridge-openings for a number of years here in Capital City. Many words have been spilled, and I am proud of a few things. I have never gushed over an artist, concert or album I did not feel deserved it. I have never chosen coolness over quality. I have never used the prefix über. I have never referred to an album’s being “dropped” unless it was my dad’s copy of Jumpin’ With Jonah, which I did indeed drop. (And, though they knew how to make records in those days, it shattered.) I have never referred to material goods as “swag”, not being a seafarer and all.

I have John Cale’s home number somewhere. I saw Sonic Youth at CBGB. I was once quoted in a Ninja Tune newsletter. And I am the proud owner of not one but two Mrs. Miller LPs.

Some call me The Wig.

2 responses to “About

  1. Bill Morton

    Anyone who has John Cale’s home number is ok with me. Give him a call and tell him to get to Ottawa,


  2. you are also a loyal pal


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