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You may hear a new voice on CKCU tomorrow morning at 10.

Blame it on a combination of a stubborn cold and vocal support for Hilotrons at the band’s farewell show last night. And possibly the stout. But if today’s voice holds, trust me, it’ll be a new one for Alpha Beats.

And you’ll be hearing plenty of it, too. It’s funding drive: that time each year when Canada’s original campus-based community radio station broadcasts cap-in-hand to its loyal listeners, seeking support for 12 additional months of quality radio. Your pledge helps the station to maintain a remarkable, diverse program schedule that packs more into it than a Conservative omnibus bill. But for good, not evil. This year’s goal is $120,000, and every little bit between now and Nov. 4 helps.

You’re encouraged to support your favourite show, particularly if that show is Alpha Beats, the hour-long alphabetical journey through my record collection that comes your way every other Monday at 10 a.m. Tomorrow’s show, in addition to my hoarse pleas for cash money, will spotlight that all-important letter “T”. As in Mr. T, you ask? Why yes, I do happen to have Mr. T’s Be Somebody (or be somebody’s fool) LP, and would be happy to play it for you. But it’ll cost ya.

As will T tunes by fondly-remembers locals like Trailer Dickson, Three Penny Opera or perhaps even The Townsmen. Also on tap? How ’bout something from a musical project entitled Toronto, that asks the musical question: “What other city calls its main street Yonge?” No? Well, I’ll see what I can do. But expect some Hank Thompson, Cal Tjader and the one and only Toots, at the very least. It’s only an hour, and it’s a big section, so some tough choices will have to be made. I’m afraid that means Terminal Sunglasses fans may be disappointed. Mind you, if you were to request it in exchange for a donation…

Fortunately, I do have an ace up my short sleeve, in the form of the latest release by Tusks, the sublime combo that hails from the city that calls its main street Yonge, and that features frontman Samir Khan, ex of the city that calls its main street, uh… Bank? Rideau? I suppose Main is a legitimate contender. Khan’s former band, Kepler, was a bright light of this city’s music scene, and whether Torontonians know it or not, Tusks is an equally bright light of that city’s scene. The new album, cheekily if justifiably entitled Total Entertainment, is a delight. You’ll be hearing a track from it Monday morning. (You can catch the band at Raw Sugar Nov. 2.) Better, one lucky listener will have a chance to score an advance copy of the disc a day before its official release (!) by phoning/emailing his or her support during the Alpha Beats show.

Reason enough, I hope, for you to tune in tomorrow. Plus there’s that new voice. And, as if that’s not enough, veteran CKCU listeners will also be able to enjoy an old 93.1 voice: that of Brenda Thorne (it is the T show, after all), my co-host for this hour-long call for your support. Whether online or on the dial, please tune in and help to keep your old friend CKCU on the air for another year. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow morning, but it’s as good a time as any.

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