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Funding drive is heading into the home stretch, set to wrap up Sunday evening. And once again I thank those that pledged during my Alpha Beats show, and all those that support CKCU and community radio.

Speaking of Alpha Beats, the bi-weekly Monday-morning program returns this week with the next letter in the alphabet: U. That means a mere five shows to go after this one, after which time I’ll have to come up with a new concept for a show. Or maybe I should start thinking about it now. For the moment, though, the focus is on continuing our 26-episode journey through my record collection, one letter at a time. Good news for Ugly Ducklings and Undertones fans, no doubt. And, thanks to the station’s loyal listeners, better news in that there will be more rock and less talk than the T show, which while stellar, did suffer from a surplus of begging. Thanks again for your support.

Oh, that’d be (and in fact is) 10 a.m. Monday, 93.1 FM. Or, if you prefer,, any time you like.

Like so: Alpha Beats past

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