You could have a V-date

And so the Alpha Beats journey continues, with tomorrow’s offering of one hour of music I file under the letter “V”. Now, as we approach the difficult “X” show I’ve been anticipating/dreading, it occurs to me there’s a sizable potential out in the fact that, as stated, this year-long musical 26-program excursion is being dictated by my filing system. Should I decide in four weeks that Kate and Anna McGarrigle‘s albums will now be filed under “X”, there is little opportunity for listeners to challenge the host’s decision. For the record(s), I do not intend to alter my filing system for the occasion. Well, I may blur the edges somewhat by declaring Xavier Cugat or The Ex to be eligible, but again, the host’s decision is final. And I do hope you enjoy it.

So, to “V”. In preparing for this week’s show (the show, by the way, comes your way on CKCU-FM 93.1 alternating Mondays at 10 a.m. and is available on demand anytime at I was alarmed to discover that I own not one Gene Vincent LP or 45. I do, however, have plenty of Ventures albums, a few records by Québecois organist Lionel Vachon, a dynamite Betty Vidal 45 and, thanks to hard-working local musician Matt “File under O” Ouimet, a rockin’ number by fledgling new band Vulture Hammer.

Fun will be had. Tune in, won’t you?

And, as always on Alpha Beats, I shall try to avoid the obvious. So no, you probably won’t hear the above. One must make sacrifices; I have only one hour.


And done. Another letter covered; though, sadly, we didn’t have time for Valjean’s memorable Mashin’ the Classicks. Hell, even The Ventures fell victim to time constraints. Of course, if an hour is not long enough to do justice to the letter “V” I am not looking forward to trying to ompress the “W” section into 60 minutes. Oh, what am I talking about? Of course I’m looking forward to it! Here’s hoping you are too.


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2 responses to “You could have a V-date

  1. I might just do that, time permitting.


  2. Maggie

    you should stop by and pick up our Gene Vincent record


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