Snorri’s album reviews

Time again for our resident reviewer to come in from frolicking in the snow and receive his treat, in the form of a selected disc from this week’s crop of new releases. This week, though Alicia Keys’ new album inspired mild tail-wagging, Snorri has opted to immerse himself in the oh-so-extravagant deluxe edition of XX, a box set celebrating the anniversary of Rage Against the Machine’s arrival. Yes, it’s been 20 years since Zach, Tom and the boys entered our lives, and about 15 since we last gave them a moment’s thought. XX takes us back once more via two CDs, two DVDs and an all-important vinyl edition of a landmark album. So, Snorrs, I know this is music from before your time (well, not in dog years), but are you feeling the Rage?

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