the X factor

Monday morning at 10 a.m., we’re finally up to the letter “X” on the old Alpha Beats show. And I’ll admit that, as of this writing, I haven’t fully worked out how to fill an hour with songs and stories filed under that most challenged (if edgy) of letters. Oh sure, there’s XTC and X-Ray Spex and, uh, X. Those are the easy ones. Rest assured, then, there will be surprises. Indeed, it’s possible no one will be more surprised than I. Fun will be had, though. Do tune in, won’t you? That’s 93.1 on your FM dial. Monday. Monday. Monday.

And, as always, if you can’t tune in Monday, you can catch the show at your leisure, at Only two shows left after this one, folks. I’d better start thinking of another gimmick soon.

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