going zeddy

We knew as long ago as January of last year, when Alpha Beats premiered, that this day would come. Jan. 14, 10 a.m., the 26-episode program brings it all home with a musical salute to the letter Z, courtesy of the bottom-right corner of my record collection. We’ve had some good times, folks. Remember L? That was fun. And how ’bout E? I could go on.

Alas, I will not. Which is not to say I won’t be back with another show in four weeks. I mean, stranger things have happened. But in the name of not repeating myself, I will seek a new format for Alpha Beats‘ successor. Numbers? Nah, too obvious. Symbols? Umm… not… sure… about that one. Gestures? Okay, this is not helpful.

For now, let us celebrate that glorious final letter of the alphabet with one more Alpha Beats hour on CKCU 93.1. As always, should you miss the show Monday, you can hear it on demand at ckcufm.com.

Tune in as zing go the strings Monday morning.

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