beats out

Okay, one last Alpha Beats show before I return to the land of the dayjob. For a while. And given that we’ve recently completed the 26-letter alphabet (one of my favourite alphabets), let’s view this farewell show as both a refresher and an opportunity to fill in a few gaps. More often than not, an hour seemed far too short to properly explore a letter from my collection, and many a worthy contender failed to make the cut on the day. Hence, in what should be a rather fast-paced 60 minutes, Monday’s show on CKCU will be dedicated to running through the alphabet one last time. That’s Monday morning, 10 a.m., at 93.1 and Twenty-six tracks in 60 minutes. Talk may be kept to a minimum. I can’t imagine that will draw any complaints from you, the listener.

And hey, thanks for listening to the show. It’s been fun. We really should do this again sometime soon, yes?

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  1. Phew! They said it couldn’t be done. Or perhaps they said it shouldn’t be done. Either way, it’s done. Twenty-six tracks in 60 minutes, with, as it turned out, time to spare. A fitting finale, I dare say.


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