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April is shaping up to be a good month to invest in vinyl. Tomorrow, April 7, the Ottawa Community Record Show returns for its eighth edition, at St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall, 523 Anthony St. It’s another opportunity for collectors to shore up embarrassing gaps in their Kix and Hawkwind sections. A good thing, indeed. Later this month, vinyl geeks the world over will again rejoice with the arrival of Record Store Day: Saturday, April 20. In honour of this year’s edition, a number of nifty limited-edition reissues are set to come our way, including a four-LP edition of Flaming Lips’ impenetrable Zaireeka (alas, to hear it properly you will have to invest in an additional three turntables), a symphonic Calexico release and a cool 10th-anniversary edition of White Stripes’ Elephant — on red, white and black vinyl, no less.

Wow, Elephant turns 10! Excuse enough, perhaps, to head out to the yard and dig up that original vinyl copy, eh, Snorrs? How’s it feel to crank up some White Stripes?Snorri puppy

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