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Bidini and me

It was an adjustment, coming as it did in the midst of an NHL season poised to sprint to a too-close-to-call finish. And there is something slightly wrong about all Canadians cheering for the same team. But our men and women did us proud, and we are grateful. Now, it’s time to return to our separate heroes and villains. Friends no more — as it should be.

It was in the spirit of that short-lived truce that I called one Dave Bidini, barely an hour after the completion of Canada’s victory over the Americans. In the absence of real NHL hockey, I had immersed myself in the prolific author and veteran musician’s latest ode to the best game you can name. I had anticipated a tough read, based on the book’s title — Keon and Me — and Bidini’s unabashed love for the Toronto Maple Leafs, for whom Keon may well have been the greatest player to don the uniform. I can’t say a book about the Leafs has ever been on my wishlist. But Bidini is an author I trust, a man passionate and knowledgeable about the game of hockey and a weaver of memorable true stories. Besides, as mentioned, we were all pulling for the same team — if only briefly. Continue reading

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