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remasters and dogs

Hello again, dear reader!

I figured I should get in touch while I have a break. I have been busy putting the finishing touches on my proposed script for the next Stormy Daniels feature film. (Working title: Make America Fellate Again.) So far, I have two pages completed; so, a fair bit of paring down will be necessary. Continue reading

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supplies are limited

History will be made Saturday, April 21, 2018.

I know this to be true: Rhino Records told me so in its latest newsletter.

“Breaking news!” it began — not a term used lightly by today’s information sources. “Led Zeppelin’s first ever Record Store Day release!” Continue reading

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reasons to be cheerful part 4

In recent days our eyes have been opened a little wider to harsh reality.

Rock stars may no longer be the paragons of morality they were in the days of Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. Canada may now suck at hockey and curling. Ottawa’s LRT may experience delays. A working vacation with family can go awry, even for the best of us. We should have got the flu shot. The Montreal Expos are no closer to that first pitch.

And Tom Cochrane continues to tour. Continue reading


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ground control

I now realize everything I thought I knew about music was wrong.

Thank you, Quincy Jones.

Then again, I had already experienced some doubt. For one thing, I do not consider Justin Timberlake’s new album to be the worst atrocity ever inflicted on peoplekind. Don’t ask me to make a list, y’understand, but I can think of worse things. Heck, that Say Something is rather catchy, in its way. Continue reading

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thank the lord for the Neil time

The Grammy Awards were handed out last night. And there was much outrage.

Outrage over the lack of female winners. Outrage over the lack of hip hop winners. Outrage over the lack of Walter Ostanek winners.

It seems the all-important Grammys behaved as though the whole event was just an opportunity for the music industry to pat itself on the back. A popularity contest, if you will. Small wonder music lovers everywhere are disappointed. This, after all, is the trusted validation-therapy ceremony that has justly recognized Bent Fabric’s Alley Cat as a great rock and roll recording, The Starland Vocal Band as a band with a future and Boyz II Men as pace-setters in the world of rhythm and blues. And that’s not to mention heavy metal heroes Jethro Tull. Continue reading

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