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Today, I would like to begin with the announcement of a merger between Wig Bubbles and the Facebook page The Wig. This refinement in our operations marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter here at Wig Bubbles industries that will see us consolidate and streamline content. We are proud to announce this coordinated effort and promise to you, the reader, a wealth of shared content.

Of course, there will be layoffs.

But, uh… hmm… must provide distraction. Continue reading

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the man who swayed the world

I do not own The Rise of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

But I do have Young Americans.

My collection has never contained Let’s DanceScary Monsters or Tonight.

But many is the hour I have spent in the company of the Eno-centric “Berlin trilogy.”

I have chosen my Bowies. I trust you have chosen yours. In a career spanning five decades, the artist provided more than enough starmen for everyone. Continue reading

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2015: do look back

Dec. 31, it says here.

And with the imminent arrival of year’s end, I am comfortable with taking a look back at the finest music of 2015. True, as I write this we still have over 14 hours to go (EST) and, therefore, it is arguably irresponsible to call it a year. However, while I am hopeful we will see the arrival of another musical masterpiece before midnight, I will at least leave you with my choice for the year’s best as of 9:30 this morning. Continue reading

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pray for the other one

It’s Christmastime. There’s no need to be annoyed.

Unless, that is, you are Andrew Ridgeley.

Yes, the holiday season is here. (Has been for a while, as you may have noticed.) It is a time to celebrate. A time to be thankful. Ah, but at the home of the talented (sic) Mr Ridgeley, this Christmas will be a difficult one.


Why this Christmas? Because of Last Christmas. (Or, for you millennials: Because Last Christmas.)

Last Christmas, a song once associated with the guitar-player (Surely, more of a guitar-holder. –ed.), is everywhere this month. Malls. Grocery stores. Coffee shops. Liquor/marijuana outlets. Continue reading


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Snorri of my life

It’s been a while since we last chatted.

That can be attributed to a number of factors, among them the fact that OC Transpo has yet to respond to my request regarding fares. Like you, I have not forgotten the time the local public transit service asked for and received permission from City Council to implement a second price increase during a single calendar year. The reasoning was that fuel prices had experienced a dramatic increase and bus fares were simply not keeping pace. Well, given that this year has seen fuel prices drop by nearly one third since OC Transpo began work on the 2015 budget, I figured it was reasonable to ask whether the service was considering returning to Council to request a corresponding decrease in fares. Continue reading

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