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I’ve been listening to Jim Reeves today and realizing that the man is much more worthy of his legendary status than I’ve ever given him credit for. For me, the late crooner was never much more than the sleepy He’ll Have To Go, a song I frankly despised when I was a kid.

But while He’ll Have To Go doesn’t exactly rock, I’ve finally come to appreciate its easy-listening magnificence. Moreover, apart from the whole jukebox thing, it’s still relevant. When Jim Reeves recorded it, he conjured for listeners the image of a man nursing a stiff drink while calling on a payphone. Today, it seems everyone is on the phone all the time. Hence, a more relevant song. Sorry, Jim, for once being glad that you are gone.

And if you don’t believe Jim Reeves was one of the greats, check this out… another song that still resonates with America’s less fortunate.

Pretty swell video, too, eh?

Now go check out more Jim Reeves, folks. Though, when you get to Bimbo, it’s probably time to stop.

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