this week in spam

Introducing a new feature (not difficult to do for a new blog). I’ve trolled the Spam folder of my Gmail account to find the best and brightest opportunities for you, the reader. Too often, we dismiss those enticing spam messages without so much as a glance. And why? Because they can destroy everything on your computer and abet faceless figures in identity theft and fraud?

Sure, there’s that. But don’t you occasionally wonder what you’re missing by not opening those all-caps urgent messages?

Well, now you don’t have to. So let’s take a look, shall we?

It seems I am “on the top of YouTube Users Rating.” Not too shabby, considering that I have yet to post even one video to YouTube. Just goes to show what you can accomplish if you do nothing whatsoever. I’d like like to thank YouTube for this honour. Where can I send a cheque?

I can buy quality meds online. I already knew that.

It seems they’re offering free shipping on IRS tax forms if I act now. Not sure what I’d do with such forms, but if the shipping is free…

RedBull will pay me to drive. And, presumably, supply me with enough RedBull to enable me to work those long hours.

Something here about “10 things women hate.” Messages like this would presumably be among them.

Let’s see… trustworthy person for business transaction… LinkedIn reminders… a chance to buy Canadian meds (finally!)… a message for me on Vimeo (a new one, that)… another message on Vimeo (it’s already getting old)… and, uh, you know, more messages, money transfers and meds.

Only 29 messages in total, it says here. OK, so it’s a slow week. Check back next week, though, for more meds and messages.

Again, I’m here for you.

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