on the bus again

I haven’t taken the time to read the accompanying essay, but I’m intrigued by these bus ads that read: “Why love one but eat the other?” Are they advocating that we should eat dogs and cats, or that we should domesticate cows, little lambs and delicious, delicious pigs? I’m really not down with either option, frankly.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Wednesday’s Doobie Brothers show. I did so by staying home and listening to good tunes. I intend to use the same strategy for Björk — or, as I call her, Bjork. (Hmm… that’s probably funnier when stated verbally. Though, I’ll admit, it’s not that funny even then.) Mind you, with the combination of Bjork’s voice and Bluesfest’s PA, that may require leaving town for the evening.

Isn’t eReading just reading?

I’m hoping to get money from the city to support what I call Snorrifest, a new year-long community festival that consists of walking Snorri through our community each morning and afternoon, plus the occasional evening. This event is licenced.

Michael Dubue, where are you?

And finally, this:

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  1. Snorri's mom

    That’s right. Cats are not cute enough to use in the video. Dogs are excellent.


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