off the bus

A few things I have considered doing for you, dear reader, but have decided are not worth the effort. By sharing these with you today, I am finally able to break those chains and move on. I feel better already.

Of course, if anyone has an answer to any or all of these mysteries…

Is any of those smiling faces on the PRESTO bus ads purchasing one mode in English and another in French?

How many advertisements is one exposed to during an average Ottawa Senators game at the Palladium (or whatever it’s called)?

How many local chip wagons offer the “best fries in town”?

What are the precise boundaries of Vanier — not New Edinburgh, not Overbrook, but Vanier? Admit it, people, you’re in Vanier!

How many Elvis fans can’t be wrong? (Fifty-four years ago, the number stood at 50 million.)

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