on the bus yet again

It’s either so clever as to be over our heads, or it’s particularly dumb. Either way, I cannot avert my eyes from the bus ad for Ottawa Midway Magic, the SuperEx substitute slated to take place next month at the future site of Ottawa’s very own casino. (Well, one of Ottawa’s casinos. And, come to think of it, why is our mayor demanding a mere two casinos for the nation’s capital? I say a casino on every corner! Or, at least, in every social-services centre.) Advance passes, the ad promises, can be purchased at half-price. Also promised is the following: “All rides. No admission. Limitless fun.”

Don’t believe me? Here it is again, on the Midway Magic website: “No admission. Limitless fun.”

Now, I’ve spent the past few months doing communications and public relations for the Canadian Tulip Festival — which explains in part why you can’t turn on the radio or TV these days without hearing about it. And let me tell you, I don’t envy the person in charge of PR for Ottawa Midway Magic. ‘Cause when those people with advance passes are denied admission to the grounds, it’s going to get ugly.

Let’s see. What else…

Am I the only one that, at least from a distance, misread yesterday’s Metro front-page headline — “Boy oh boy” — as “Boy on boy”? And if not, do you suppose it helped or hindered circulation?

Here’s a fun game: Ask a question online to the people at PRESTO, request a response, then wait. Make it an easy one like, oh I don’t know: Is PRESTO accepted on the London Underground? (#whatwouldRobynBresnahanask) Or, say: Is PRESTO an acronym for something and if so, what? Or, will PRESTO put those fare inspectors out of a job? I asked my question just over five weeks ago, and followed it a second question: Why do you ask us to indicate whether we would like a response if you have no intention of issuing one? Still no word.

I can provide updates on that story as it develops, if you like.

And speaking of PRESTO, would it kill the disembodied voice of former councillor Clive Doucet’s son to say please when ordering us to tap our card or to wait 24-48-72+ hours before using our freshly-loaded plastic? You know, even Axl Rose said please when requesting that we take him down home to the urban centre where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Surely, OC Transpo can show us the same level of courtesy.

OK, this is my stop. More to follow.

Or not.

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