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I am pleased to see Sting is premiering his new musical in Chicago. Pleased, because every time we think there’s not enough happening in Capital City, we can at least remind ourselves that Sting’s musical is one of the things not happening here.

And you have to feel good about that.

Just as you have to feel good about Kelp Records’ weekend celebration of 20 years of quality releases. There will be vinyl. And it will be good.

Better, even, than a Sting musical.

Meanwhile, in international news, Jimmy Page has responded to the claim that he stole Stairway to Heaven from a forgotten Spirit instrumental. “Ridiculous,” is the word a surprisingly articulate Page managed, given a few days to consider the charge. Of course, it’s common knowledge that Page and his mates were not above forgetting to credit composers of material they performed. But if guitarist Randy California’s estate gets anything out of this case — and the estate’s lawyer does not appear to be doing the late guitarist’s heirs any favours — I will as always consider the real victim of Led Zeppelin’s possibly plagiaristic tendencies to be the late Steve Marriott.

See, Zep’s vocalist Robert Plant based just about everything about Whole Lotta Love on Marriott’s shouted performance of a Marriott/Lane original called You Need Loving. Both Marriott and Ronnie Lane are gone now. Yet, have their estates taken the matter to the courts? Alas, they have not. You Need Loving, you see, was in fact kind of a cover of Muddy Waters’ You Need Love, somehow accidentally credited to Marriott and Lane. Hence, calling Plant and company a bunch of dirty thieves could be a bit tricky.

Still, I figure the real loser in all of these shenanigans remains Marriott, a musician who wanted only to steal from the best and take all the credit — something to which Page can surely relate. One only hopes this controversy does not discourage the Led Zeppelin guitarist from writing more classic rockers — even if it’s been well over 30 years since he last wrote one.

Come on Jimmy, that’s 30 years’ worth of great riffs there for the taking! We won’t tell.

But if Page has been creatively adrift for over three decades, the remaining members of GWAR have, in the wake of the passing of the great Oderus Orungus, decided that the band’s future should involve bringing bloody performances to your table. GWARbar will open in Richmond, VA, once the group has secured enough funding for its intended ‘gourmet junk food’ establishment. Finally, a place to mosh as you dine.

And speaking of horse hockey, Go Habs Go!

But I digress. Frequently.

That’s why I blog. On occasion.

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