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Looks like we have some catching up to do, eh? Oh, I’ve been keeping busy. For one thing, I’m suddenly upping my DJ duties, having turned the tables for The Flaps‘ almost-farewell gig last weekend and said yes to a number of fill-ins on the mighty 93.1 CKCU. (I will for the month of July, for example, answer to the name Joe Reilly Monday evenings from 9 p.m. ’til 11.) I shall even be devoting a full 30 minutes of my time to celebrating 30 years of the CKCU show The Sixties, at an event next Monday. If the invited audience demands it, I might stretch that to 45 minutes. That’s it, though, as I have to be at CKCU by 9. (See Joe Reilly comment, above.) And say, if you’re looking to get out on the dance floor at The Record Centre on Wellington Street Saturday afternoon, I will be doing my best to prevent it by playing my usual mix of esoterica. Noon ’til 4 p.m., I think. We’ll see how that goes So, sorry I haven’t written. How are things with you? Excited about the first day of Ottawa’s biggest summer Rockfest? Me too. Mostly because the highlight of the festival has been conveniently scheduled for the first slot on the first night. Danny Brown. Le Breton Flats. 6 p.m. You will never be the same afterward. In a good way. I like the festival’s decision to peak early this year. Relieves a lot of pressure for us concert-goers. Sure, there will be other highlights. Several, no doubt. (One, for example, is likely to be our own Fiftymen; unfortunately, that band is playing opposite Danny Brown. Sigh.) But the great thing about Rockfest year after year has been the opportunity to catch someone you feared you might never see in Ottawa and who is unlikely to visit again. That was the magic of Bobby Rush, of Orchestra Baobab, of Jimmy Cliff. It is the magic of Danny Brown. Think of it as an ideal opportunity to quit while you’re ahead. There, I’ve just freed up the rest of July for you. Feel free to pass the savings on to me; I’ll have a Guiness, thanks. And with all that free time, perhaps a few more trips to the festival are in order. After all, the lineup has some must-see names among its cast. Starting with Danny Brown. That is all for now, folks. I could talk about the new name for this blog, which is derived from legendary eccentric Lord Buckley’s term for ideas. But for now, I must return to preparing for all those DJ gigs. Those records aren’t going to peruse themselves, you know.

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