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Yes, I did read that patronizing little Globe and Mail article, subtitled: “Yes, there was a 1970s Ottawa punk scene.” I look forward to reading further installments in the series, such as “Yes, Calgary has art galleries” and “Yes, there is indoor plumbing in Whitehorse.”

Still, it was nice to see our city’s name not being used as a synonym for the Government of Canada.

But hey, ask local music aficionados and young-country fans (those are separate categories, natch) if Ottawa isn’t a live-music hotbed. At the moment, you can’t avoid live music. (Seriously, try driving the length of the western Parkway.) No UBC Rockfest reviews today, I’m afraid; I probably should have checked out a few minutes of Lady Gaga’s performance, as I very much admire the woman, but stayed away partly as a protest against the festival’s not having placed Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum on the same bill and called it Ladies Night.

Those sort of opportunities don’t come along every day. Not even at BBC Rockfest.

One also does not often get an opportunity to celebrate a local radio program’s 30th anniversary. Tonight, I will be among those raising a glass and spinning a few records in homage to CKCU‘s The Sixties, the informative hour-long show that has improbably now dissected a 10-year span for thrice that length of time. And counting. Last night, Dave Sampson and the show’s previous hosts joined forces on CKCU for a three-hours look back at a weekly look back. Tonight, Raw Sugar will follow that fete with another, and I’ll be helping to turn back the clock for a whopping 30 minutes, starting at 7 p.m. (I can’t stay to hear the evening’s other DJs, alas, as I will be hosting Joe Reilly’s show at 9 p.m. A CKCU volunteer’s work is never done, it seems.)

Let’s see, what else can we talk about? Me, I’ve been too busy pulling (and subsequently filing) records to keep up. And you’d be surprised what you can find when you delve into your collection.

More on that later.

But for now, let’s talk about Kanye West, who was reportedly booed over the weekend during a mid-set autotuned rant at a London, UK, performance. The media, he lamented, “take the idea of celebrity and make me feel like I’m stupid or something.” Worse, he added, media “try to dishumanize people who believe in themselves.” And so on, for 15 ‘dishumanizing’ minutes. One audience member was quoted in the press as responding with a forceful, “Shut up, Kanye!”

Like that’s gonna happen. Who’s stupid now, eh, Kanye?

And speaking of stupidity, there’s good news for us Kinks fans: to celebrate that band’s 50th anniversary, those classic 1960s Pye albums will be reissued with bonus tracks. This is indeed exciting news for those of us keen to purchase the same albums for perhaps a fifth or sixth time, with essentially the same nonessential bonus tracks as an incentive.

Oh, those 1960s groups. If only there were a convenient place to celebrate their music and influence.


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