2015: the year in music

If there’s one thing the press have taught us, it’s that it’s never too soon to sum up a year’s worth of events. Logically, it is not possible to even attempt to reflect on the year of our lord 2014 until Jan. 1, 2015. Yet, list after list of the year’s highlights and lowlights began to appear as early as November of last year.

Hence, in keeping with the spirit of the times, I present my summary of the year in music for 2015.

You read it here first.

And while 2015 was a quiet year for music, one release towered above all others. I’m referring of course to I Like the Second Feature Better, the nice and noisy closing track from the debut album by Ottawa’s own trio The Jerry Gross Organization. The album, scheduled to be released after this blog post has gone to press, is called Just Pull it Down, and features a number of vocal tracks plus two instrumentals — of which the I Like the Second Feature Better, a mid-tempo drone and distortion teaser, is one.

The track surfaced Jan. 1 at noon, and is easily the most powerful new music of the year. True, there may be other notable releases yet to come in 2015, but deadlines are deadlines, and if it’s a race to be first in prematurely recapping 12 months’ worth of activity, this blogger is not about to be left behind.

So kudos to you, JGO. Can’t wait to hear the album; though, sadly, it will not qualify for my 2015 year-end retrospective. That detailed summation is now history.

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