on the bus (July 1 edition)

Not only did Slow, the greatest rock and roll band of all time, somehow fail to top CBC’s list of the “best Canadian bands ever,” it did not even make the Top 100. Must be a typo. Also criminally overlooked: Ian and Sylvia. Not a band, you say? Tell that to CBC’s music people, who consider Kate and Anna McGarrigle to have been a band. (In which case, come to think of it, they should have topped the list.)

And speaking of Canada, I’d like to extend my annual shout-out to the late Jesse Winchester, for providing us with the most Canadian album title ever: Third Down, 110 to Go.

Let’s see, what else? Here’s a CTV list of “10 moments to be proud of on Canada Day.” The second “moment” is the tunnel built by that guy in Toronto. Only in Canada, eh?

But enough about Canada. As we never tire of telling Americans, we’re a modest people.

Besides, we all know today’s topic of conversion is Apple.

For it is today that Apple’s new streaming service arrives to change the way we listen to music. Forever. Or, well, for now. Maybe. Apparently, its interactive nature extends to your being able to ask a question like, “What’s the Beatles’ best song?” and immediately hear it played. That’s good news for fans of Cry for a Shadow. And it’s all free for three months, even for Taylor Swift fans.

And speaking of the music biz, ask yourself this: Had home-taping been allowed to continue unchecked, would music be dead now?

I got all excited when our local paper led me to believe EMF would be playing a show in Ottawa this week. Turns out it was a reference to the Escapade Music Festival. Unbelievable.

And, uh, oh what the hell, here’s another Slow video. Greatest Canadian band. Ever. Well, apart from Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Now that was a band.

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