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age your act

It began Saturday morning.

The male host of a local radio show enthused that he would be spending his Saturday night emceeing a women-focused event. Asked on-air by one of that event’s organizers whether he was looking forward to it, said host enthused: “Three hundred and seventy-five women? I won’t complain. I won’t complain.” Continue reading

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rock and roll will never kill

This week, after dusting off my Slayer albums, I revisited my old friend Dave Mustaine and His Megadeth.

The urge to kill did not rise.

Not noteworthy, you say? Correct. Yet, I feel it’s worthy of mention, because certain sentiments expressed in song by the man not generally referred to as the Pete Best of Metallica, could easily have become the topic of much discussion in recent months. Evidence, after all, might suggest that in the minds of certain Megadeth listeners, suppressing the urge to kill is a challenge. Just this month, a troubled young man from Moncton pleaded guilty to a brutal and calculated killing spree, launched moments after he had posted Megadeth lyrics to his Facebook page. It was, incredibly, the third instance in Canada of a young man embarking on a violent rampage shortly after quoting from the Book of Megadeth.

It’s the sort of tangential detail the press have been known to embrace.

Instead, passages from Mustaine’s poetic verse have been noted merely as a detail on the periphery of a handful of horrible, senseless events. Noteworthy, all but a few reporters concluded, it is not. Continue reading

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August 21, 2014 · 3:53 pm

Casey Casey Kasem, where are you?

Like you, I am outraged over what’s going on in Ukraine and what’s going on in Nigeria and what’s going on in Gaza. And like you, I intend to… Oh look, a fox asleep on a bus! How cute is that?

(Remember how, when you were a kid, major news outlets would build a story around a photo of a cute animal you’d made copies of and distributed to friends? Me neither.)

Now, where was I? Oh yes, mortality. Continue reading

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the going gets Weird

I’d be the first to admit (had thousands not already admitted as much) that these are confusing — indeed confounding — times. Little on the international scene is making sense. The world is in turmoil, a situation that appears to grow worse each day. Heck, even the Mike Duffy saga took an unexpected turn or two this week. And the Old Duff was about the only thing we thought we could understand.

One likes to think cooler heads will ultimately prevail. At present, though, circumstances are ideal for a dangerous and destructive figure to rise from a smouldering political and social tinderbox to seize power. And that’s scary stuff. Not the anti-Christ, perhaps, but an ambitious figure poised to prey on a vulnerable global society. Continue reading

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Ford is over if you want it

Thank you for your patience. A blogger will be with you shortly.

It’s been quiet here at The Wig, but only because I have devoted all my time to uncovering the Canadian media story of the year.

And here it is. After a full year of examining mounting evidence to support my suspicion, I can now conclusively report the following:

Rob Ford does not exist. Continue reading

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