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the art of the 45 rpm afterthought

Lately, I’ve rediscovered my collection of seven-inch singles and EPs. It’s a too-often neglected compact format that is admittedly less conducive to getting a party going than the LP. Playing one song at a time makes it rather a challenge to establish much in the way of flow, doncha know. Yet, thanks to a pair of recent DJ gigs for which I brought only 45s, I’ve gained a new appreciation for platters that would seem to be ideal for today’s short-attention-span music scene. In the era of the download, the 45 could well rule again. Continue reading

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the negotiator

Its impact is immediate. A  jarring confrontation of the industrial age and the modern aesthetic, the sensory experience is disorienting and somewhat perplexing.

The Bridgehead location at the intersection of Preston and Anderson is a curious place. The interior is all modern sensibilities and open space, inviting the passerby to step inside and relax with a beverage and a ginger cookie. Once settled, however, the patron is frequently confronted by the unsettling, unrelenting intrusion of beans being ground. Polite conversation can be a challenge. Relaxation, more so.

Welcome to the factory floor. Continue reading

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