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bed rest and plenty of fluids

This morning, I went for lunch at Ottawa City Hall.

Which is a bit of a pity, as the only lunch option available involved standing at the end of very long lines to sample the latest in street food.

True, long lines at lunchtime are not unusual. But this was my first time in days experiencing natural light for any length of time. (Tell me about it! —Snorri) The bulk of my week has been spent in bed nursing a case of tuberculosis. No, not tuberculosis. What’s the word? Influenza. That’s what Jimmie Rodgers had, right?

I probably should still be in bed, but when offered an opportunity to share with a roomful of Councillors, reporters and musicians the experience of being put on hold by the City’s 311 phone service, well, one can only resist so much temptation.

And to those in attendance at the Mayor’s Boardroom event today, I’m pretty sure I am no longer contagious. Continue reading

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