the intro and the outro

Hello, folk(s). Nice to be back with you. Let’s see where this all takes us, eh?

A few words of introduction may be in order. I’ve been writing about music, the arts and bridge-openings for a number of years here in Capital City. Many words have been spilled, and I am proud of a few things. I have never gushed over an artist, concert or album I did not feel deserved it. I have never chosen coolness over quality. I have never used the prefix über. I have never referred to an album’s being “dropped” unless it was my dad’s copy of Jumpin’ With Jonah, which I did indeed drop. (And, though they knew how to make records in those days, it shattered.) I have never referred to material goods as “swag”, not being a seafarer and all.

I have John Cale’s home number somewhere. I saw Sonic Youth at CBGB. I was once quoted in a Ninja Tune newsletter. And I am the proud owner of not one but two Mrs. Miller LPs.

That’s about all you need to know for now. What say you to my updating this little introductory piece on an as-needed basis? That way we can meet for the first time, all over again.


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