Likers gonna like

I like Frisby Tire. I really do. Just check out the profile on my Facebook page for proof.

Now, I’ve never purchased tires from Frisby. I do not, in fact, recall ever setting foot in one of their locations… assuming they have more than one location. Though, I have long admired their jingle — one of the most boss jingles in jingledom.

Come on, let’s all sing together:

At Frisby Tire / There’s a lot we do /

What can we do for you?

Jeff Tweedy wishes he could write something so concise. So perfect.

So yes, I like Frisby Tire. After all, I was informed today that by liking the local business on Facebook, I could win four tickets to the upcoming Fleetwood Mac show.

Now, I’d had no intention of attending said show. To me, the band should have called it quits once and for all when Christine McVie handed in her notice. But free tickets? Count me in. How bad can the Mac be in 2013? How bad?

At last glance, 3,070 other people have confessed their like for Frisby Tire. I’m thinking that’s up from before this contest started. And it does look impressive, even if it can be classified as “soft” support. I still have no intention of buying tires from Frisby. (OK, if I win I’ll consider it as a show of gratitude.) But Facebook, like Twitter, is inevitably viewed purely as a numbers game. The higher your numbers, the more popular you are.

Hence, nifty tricks to increase those numbers. Need more Twitter followers? Try following more people; chances are, some will return the favour. It’s utterly meaningless, in practical terms, but numbers don’t lie.

Do I check the numbers on this blog regularly? Well, not regularly. But I check them. It’s hard not to. Plus, I get to see that someone in Thailand or New Zealand or at the Citizen read one of my posts. That’s sort of cool, right?


Right. As cool as Frisby Tire. That’s why I like them.

Well, that and the free tickets they’d damn well better give me. ‘Cause if they don’t, it could seriously affect our friendship.

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