on the bus again

Why do they not promote new products as employing “space-age technology” anymore? We’re still in the space age. More so than ever, in fact.

My only memory of Sunday School is of being told that the following week we would be seeing a film about the first Easter. I hurried to class the following Sunday, keen to see the animated bunnies frolicking on screen. The greatest disappointment of my life, to that point.

My favourite stock observation from a hockey commentator is definitely the enthusiastic reference to “end-to-end action.” ‘Cause let’s face it, few fans prefer side-to-side action.

And while we’re talking hockey, there is no greater fan reaction than the sarcastic burst of applause rewarded to the hometeam’s goalie when stopping a gentle shot from the opponents’ end after letting in a goal. Whatever team’s fans originated that soul-crushing move (Detroit’s?) deserve a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Paul McCartney will in fact be the third Beatle to set foot in Ottawa. You could look it up. And all we ever wanted was Ringo.

Another St. George’s Day passed without fanfare. It seems it is to St. Patrick’s Day what Cassette-tape Store Day is to Record Store Day.

More later. This is my stop.

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